​ We are a Mother and  her 2 daughters team of  "in our homes" breeders and lovers of the Australian Labradoodle.  

We breed miniature and small medium sized Australian Labradoodles.  All of our breeding  dogs  are registered and certified with the Australian Labradoodle Club of  America. 


 Our Mission is to breed genetically sound dogs while adhearing to the  standards set forth by the Australian Labradoodle Club of America.

 We will constantly strive to breed sound healthy puppies with allergy  friendly, non shedding coats and wonderful temperments. 


 From our home to yours, our Australian Labradoodle pups will bring unconditional love and joy to your family.

Dorothy & Lora are located on the beautiful East Coast, North Carolina, United States

Cindy is located on the beautiful West Coast, Ferndale, Washington


Penny, Piper & Lily's puppies ---


                        Paisley's puppies ---


Sammi's Puppies ---

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Dorothy with my 2 daughters, 

Cindy, & Lora

Breeders & Owners of

Primetime Australian Labradoodles since 2002


Dorothy is the Co-Founder and

Vice President of

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America.  She brought in the first Miniature Australian Labradoodles to the United States, importing them from Australia, Tegan Park & Rutland Manor.  If you have an Australian Labradoodle, chances are, your dog has Primetime in it's pedigree somewhere!

Lora has studied the genetics of the Australian Labradoodle and is the Registrar for the ALCA from 2009 to current. Lora is currently the ALCA Member Liason and is a Board Member and Registrar. She is also the Treasurer and takes care of the online database and website for ALCA.

Cindy has studied the Australian Labradoodle traits and general make up of the breed to ensure we are advancing our litters with only top quality parents

Together we bring you the knowledge  and wonderful resources for a lifetime of support for you and your new  fuurever Primetime 4-legged family member.

        Located in both North Carolina, United States 

and  Washington State, United States