Please read below before filling out your application

Remember to make your deposit in order to be put on the List for your puppy picking order! Deposits are Non-Refundable, we will be happy to move you to the next litter if you decide not to take a puppy at the time one is offered. 

What each mother typically produces:

Paisley-  Miniature - Apricot, Red/ some with white markings

Evie - Miniature - Red/Apricot, Chocolate & Parti, Chocolate & Parti of every color

Sammi- Miniature - Chocolate & Parti, Red/Apricot, most with white markings,

Allison- Miniature - Red/Apricot, some with white markings

We will accept 6 applications and deposits on each litter individually.

Any extra pups after the 6 that are born, will be posted on the website as available for anyone to choose from. If you are on a different litter list, and you see a pup you want, you may switch litters but only after that litters list is satisfied.