Primetime's Paisley

 Call name - "Paisley"

 Color - Apricot Cream

Sire: Swinging Gate Max

Dam: Primetime's Red Moon Rising

 OFA Hips - Good

 OFA Elbows  - Normal

 PRA - Clear By Parentage

 OFA Eyes - Normal L & R 

 Cardiac - Normal

 Patellas - Normal

 I/C -Clear

 EIC - Clear

 DM - Clear

 VwD - Clear

 Size - Miniature

 Grading - A6/Certified

 ALCA Registration # C002-05062018-103-LB1


Paisley lives with and is owned by Dorothy

Primetime's Pennies From Heaven 

 Call name - "Penny"

 Color - Cream

 Sire: Primetime's Noah

 Dam: PR's Bit O' Honey

 Dr. Wallace eVet Hips - Good

 Dr. Wallace eVet Elbows - Normal

 PRA - Clear By Parentage

 OFA Eyes - Normal L & R Eyes

 Cardiac - Normal

 Size - Miniature

 Grading - A5/Certified

 ALCA Registration # C002-02162015-083-LB1


Penny lives with her guardian family and is owned by Cindy

Primetime's Sheez Keepin' It Royal

 Call name - "Sammi"

Sire: Swinging Gate King George

Dam: Primetime's Echoes Of Chocolatee Claire

Color - Chocolate & White

Evet - Hips- Good 

Evet - Elbows - Normal

 PRA - Clear 

 OFA Eyes - L & R Eyes Normal

 Cardiac - Normal

 Patellas - Normal

 EIC- Carrier

 DM- Clear

 I/C -Clear

VwD- Clear

 Size - Lg. Miniture

 Grading - A5/Certified 

 ALCA Registration #C002-08112018-106-LB1

Sammi is owned by and lives with Lora

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Dorothy with my 2 daughters, 

Cindy, & Lora

Breeders & Owners of

Primetime Australian Labradoodles since 2002


Dorothy is the Co-Founder and

Vice President of

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America.  She brought in the first Miniature Australian Labradoodles to the United States, importing them from Australia, Tegan Park & Rutland Manor.  If you have an Australian Labradoodle, chances are, your dog has Primetime in it's pedigree somewhere!

Lora has studied the genetics of the Australian Labradoodle and is the Registrar for the ALCA from 2009 to current. Lora is currently the ALCA Member Liason and is a Board Member and Registrar. She is also the Treasurer and takes care of the online database and website for ALCA.

Cindy has studied the Australian Labradoodle traits and general make up of the breed to ensure we are advancing our litters with only top quality parents

Together we bring you the knowledge  and wonderful resources for a lifetime of support for you and your new  fuurever Primetime 4-legged family member.

        Located in both North Carolina, United States 

and  Washington State, United States