Paisley face.jpg

Primetime's Paisley

 Call name - "Paisley"

 Color - Apricot Cream

 Sire: Swinging Gate Max

 Dam: Primetime's Poppy Fields

 OFA Hips - Good

 OFA Elbows  - Normal

 PRA - Clear By Parentage

 OFA Eyes - Normal L & R 

 Cardiac - Normal

 Patellas - Normal

 I/C -Clear

 EIC - Clear

 DM - Clear

 VwD - Clear

 Size - Miniature

 Grading - A6/Certified

 ALCA Registration # C002-05062018-103-LB1


Paisley lives with and is owned by Lora

Primetimes Paisley.jpg

Primetime's Sweet Genevieve


 Call name - "Evie"

Sire: Harmony Woods King Louie

Dam: Whispering Winds Phantom's Symphony Of Love

Color - Caramel

Evet - Hips- Good 

Evet - Elbows - Normal

 PRA - Clear 

 OFA Eyes - L & R Eyes Normal

 Cardiac - Normal

 Patellas - Normal

 EIC- Clear

 DM- Clear

 I/C -Clear

VwD- Clear

 Size - Miniture

 Grading - A6/Certified 

 ALCA Registration #C001-11112019-108-LB1

Primetime's Everlasting Love.jpg

Evie is owned by and lives with Lora

Whispering Winds Phantoms Symphony Of Lo
Primetime's Sweet Genevieve.jpg