About Primetime and our Puppy wait list

At Primetime, we do not use Guardian homes, we only have dogs that live with us in our home as members of our family, we are not a big breeder that uses our dogs as just breeding machines. We will  place a retired momma dog with a great family that has the right "stuff" for our girls... we do this because we always want them to have the best life possible!
We choose not to be big breeders - we have found the best pups come from small breeders who love their dogs and have time for the puppies, not just having as many litters as possible and shoving them out the door and onto the next litters.

Because we love our puppies, we try to get to know each adoptive family as much as possible, this helps us to have a relationship and full contact with pictures  and video, individually with you from the one who is raising your puppy directly. We do not have employees, we are a Mother and daughter who really love our dogs and think of the puppies and their new family as our own extended family.
We will accept 6 applications and deposits on each litter individually.

Any extra pups after the 6 that are born, will be posted on the website as available for anyone to choose from. If you are on a different litter list, and you see a pup you want, you may switch litters but only after that litters list is satisfied.